Wiesenhof Completes Euro 2024 Dream Team of Sponsors

Wiesenhof Completes Euro 2024 Dream Team of Sponsors

Big news in the world of sports sponsorships – Wiesenhof, the famous poultry company based in Germany, has just landed the fifth and final national partner slot for the UEFA Euro 2024 soccer tournament happening right on home turf.

First things first, UEFA Euro 2024 is a massive international soccer event that'll have everyone's eyes glued to their TV screens. It's set to take place across ten cities in Germany from June 14 to July 14. That's a whole month of top-notch soccer action, folks!

Now, let's talk about Wiesenhof. They've jumped on board as the fifth and final national sponsor, rubbing shoulders with some big names. Just to jog your memory, the other four national sponsors are German brewery Bitburger (they joined the party last week), telecoms giant Deutsche Telekom, railway transportation provider Deutsche Bahn, and insurance company Ergo. It's a star-studded lineup, to say the least!

So, what does Wiesenhof bring to the table? Well, they're not just there to make the tournament more poultry-some (pun intended). They're all about giving back to the fans. Thanks to this partnership, you and I might have a shot at winning VIP tickets to catch the games live and in person. Yes, you heard that right – VIP treatment!

The deal between Wiesenhof and UEFA was made possible by the CAA Eleven agency, which handles all the sponsorship and licensing stuff for UEFA's men's national team competitions. They're the matchmakers behind this exciting partnership.

And it doesn't stop there. Euro 2024 has also attracted the attention of nine global sponsors, with six of them already announced: Adidas, Alipay, Atos, Lidl, Engelbert Strauss, and Vivo. These global sponsors are all about taking the soccer experience to the next level.

According to Guy-Laurent Epstein, the marketing director at UEFA, this collaboration with Wiesenhof is going to be epic. They're planning retail activations in Germany and special promotions that could score fans hundreds of tickets. Imagine being at the heart of the action during the most outstanding football event of the summer! It's every soccer fan's dream come true.

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