Rock 'n' Roll Meets Football: The Rolling Stones x Admiral Limited Edition Shirts

The Rolling Stones x Admiral Limited Edition Shirts

We've got some exciting news fresh off the press: The Rolling Stones have teamed up with Admiral to drop a limited edition football kit! Yeah, you read that right – The Rolling Stones, the legendary rock band, and Admiral, the iconic sportswear brand, have joined forces for a seriously cool collaboration.

So, what's the deal? Well, it's all in celebration of The Rolling Stones' brand-new album, "Hackney Diamonds." This album marks their triumphant return after a whopping two decades – talk about making a comeback in style!

The Rolling Stones x Admiral Home Shirt

Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty of these slick football shirts. First up, we've got the Rolling Stones Admiral home shirt. It's a head-turner with its vibrant red base, and it draws inspiration from the album cover of "Little Red Rooster." The collar and cuffs keep it classy in white with black trim, and you'll spot a sleek black and white Admiral logo on the right breast. But the real showstopper? It's the iconic Rolling Stones tongue and lips logo, proudly taking its place on the left breast. Right in the center, you can't miss the bold 'STONES' text in black with a crisp white outline. And when you spin it around, you'll find 'Stones 62' printed in black on the back – a nod to the band's legendary journey.

The Rolling Stones x Admiral Away Shirt

Now, let's move on to the Rolling Stones x Admiral Away shirt. It follows the same template as the home jersey, but this time, it's all about that bold black primary color. The collar and cuffs keep things consistent in white with a pop of red trim. On the right breast, you'll spot a clean white Admiral logo, and on the left, that unmistakable Stones tongue and lips logo. The front of this shirt keeps it classy with white 'STONES' text boldly running across it.

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