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Toulouse 2023-24 Third Kit Released | A Tribute to Occitania's 9 Departments

Toulouse 2023-24 Third Kit Released

Toulouse has just unveiled their brand new third kit for the 23-24 Ligue 1 season. And let me tell you, it's not just any jersey – it's a special tribute to the beautiful Occitanie region. So, let's dive right into the details!

First things first, mark your calendars for Sunday, September 3, 2023. Why, you ask? Because that's when Toulouse FC is going to rock this fresh new gear for the first time as they take on Clermont. And guess who's behind the magic of this kit? None other than Craft, the sportswear brand known for delivering some top-notch designs.

Toulouse Third Kit Occitanie region

Now, let's talk about the design. This isn't your run-of-the-mill jersey, my friends. The Toulouse Football Club 23-24 third jersey pays homage to the Occitanie region. And how does it do that, you ask? Well, it features the numbers of not one, not two, but nine departments from Occitania that have strong connections to Toulouse. Here they are: Ariège (9), Aude (11), Aveyron (12), Haute-Garonne (31), Gers (32), Lot (46), Hautes-Pyrénées (65), Tarn (81), and Tarn-et-Garonne (82). Pretty cool, right?

Toulouse 2023-24 Third Kit 

The colors of this jersey are sleek and stylish – a blend of white and purple that's sure to turn heads on the pitch. But what truly sets this kit apart are the numbers on the front. Each number corresponds to a department around Toulouse. For instance, Toulouse itself falls under Département Haute-Garonne, represented by the number 31. It's a creative touch that ties the club even closer to its region.

Wondering why departments have these numbers? Well, it's all thanks to the Institut National de la Statistique, which assigns two-digit numbers, known as the Official Geographical Code, to each French department. It's like their unique ID, and it's found on this jersey!

Toulouse didn't stop at just the jersey. They've carried the theme into their dressing room as well, creating an all-encompassing experience for the players.

So, what do you think about Toulouse's third kit for the 23-24 season? Are you digging the design and the regional touch with the department numbers? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and let's get the conversation going! 
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