Amazon Prime Accidentally Reveals Newcastle's Adidas Kit Deal

Amazon Prime Accidentally Reveals Newcastles Adidas Kit Deal Launch Dat

If you're a Newcastle United supporter or just someone who loves tracking kit deals, we've got some juicy news for you. It seems like Amazon Prime's blunder has given us an early peek into the future of Newcastle's soccer fashion. Yeah, you heard that right – an accidental reveal that's got us all hyped up!

During episode four of 'This is Newcastle United', a documentary that's been keeping us glued to our screens, a little snippet was briefly added and then quickly removed.  But guess what? We caught it! Eagle-eyed viewers spotted something major.

Amazon Prime Accidentally Reveals Newcastle's Adidas Kit Deal Launch Dat

It looks like Newcastle United is gearing up to strut their stuff in some brand-new Adidas kits for the 2024-25 season. How did we find out? Well, during that sneaky snippet, Amanda Staveley and the gang were off on a mission to negotiate a deal with the iconic German brand. Imagine comparing it to "two old lovers getting back together." Can you feel the excitement building?

Now, let's talk about that cryptic image. Adidas recently posted a teaser with their signature black-white-black logo and date: September 1, 2023. That's right around the corner, and our soccer-loving hearts are doing a little happy dance. 

Just when we thought the excitement couldn't get any more intense, Newcastle United's official Twitter account chimed in with a cryptic tweet of their own. They posted a pair of 👀 eyes and a 🍿 popcorn emoji. Come on, that's like sending a bat signal for fans to gather around and speculate like crazy.

All signs are pointing towards an official announcement of the partnership between Adidas and Newcastle United on September 1. That's only a hop, skip, and a jump away. And if we put on our detective hats, it's safe to assume that Adidas will start decking out our favorite Magpies in their fresh designs for the 2024-25 season.

For those who've been following the rumor mill, this might not be the biggest shocker. The whispers about Newcastle returning to Adidas have been swirling for more than a year. But what makes this even cooler is that the news was kind of sort of leaked through the Prime video documentary. It's like Amazon Prime just couldn't keep this secret locked away.

Let's be real – Adidas and Newcastle have history. The brand was a proud supplier for the club from 1995 to 2010. And during those years, they dished out some iconic designs that made us all proud to sport those black and white stripes. Plus, let's not forget, Adidas is a fan favorite and seems to vibe perfectly with Newcastle's new ambitions. Sorry, Castore, you had your moment.

So, what do you think, fellow fans? Are you doing a happy dance knowing that Newcastle is returning to the Adidas family? Is your excitement off the charts, or are you cautiously waiting to see those kits first? Hit the comment section below and let's start a soccer style conversation!

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