AS Roma 2023-24 Third Kit Released

Big news from the world of football fashion – AS Roma has just dropped their brand-new third kit for the 2023-24 season, and let me tell you, it's an absolute stunner. If you're a fan of the Giallorossi, you're in for a treat!

AS Roma 2023-24 Third Kit Released

AS Roma 2023-24 Third Kit

The new AS Roma 2023 - 2024 third shirt is all about that sleek and stylish look. It's mainly black, which gives it that classic, cool vibe. But the real eye-catchers are the three Adidas stripes running down each shoulder, and they come in a striking combination of red, orange, and yellow. Talk about a pop of color!

On the front, you've got the white Adidas logo hanging out on the right side, and on the left, proudly displayed, is the AS Roma Lupetto badge enclosed in a white circle with yellow-red edges. It's like wearing your team's heart right on your chest.

Now, here's where it gets really interesting. The sleeves of this kit are a work of art. They've got this cool red, orange, and yellow guilloché motif going on. What's that, you ask? Well, it's inspired by the ornamental designs you'd find in the ancient mosaics of Rome. So, not only are you repping your favorite football team, but you're also rocking a piece of history.

Oh, and don't forget to check out the back of the neck—it's got a stylized 'R' that adds a nice finishing touch. This logo is a relic from Gratton's legacy and was a crucial part of the club's identity during the Lupetto's introduction. It's a reminder of the club's rich history and the dedication of its fans.

To complete the whole look, AS Roma is keeping it classy with black shorts and socks. It's a clean and coordinated outfit that's sure to make any fan stand out in the crowd.

So there you have it, folks—the lowdown on AS Roma's slick new 2023-24 Adidas third kit. Whether you're hitting the pitch or just showing your support from the stands, this kit is all about style, history, and that undeniable AS Roma pride.

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