#Merky FC Year Two: Stormzy and adidas Offer 50 Football Industry Jobs

#Merky FC Year Two: Stormzy and adidas Offer 50 Football Industry Jobs

Big news in the world of sports and culture – Stormzy and adidas are back with year two of the #Merky FC program, and this time, they're offering a whopping 50 job opportunities in the football industry.

In case you missed it, the British rap sensation Stormzy teamed up with adidas last year to launch #Merky FC. Their mission? To tackle the underrepresentation of Black individuals in football, but with a twist. They weren't looking for players; they wanted to help young, Black talents break into the football industry behind the scenes.

Year one was an absolute hit. Fifteen talented young applicants secured job placements at partner companies in various sectors of the football world. Think content creation, marketing, sales, and more. It was a fantastic start, but the best part? They're just getting started.

This year, they're going big – really big. The number of available roles has more than tripled, with an astounding 50 career opportunities up for grabs. These jobs aren't just any old gigs; they're with some of the most prominent names in the football industry, including media giants, agencies, and top-tier clubs.

What's even more exciting is the lineup of partners for year two. Some of last year's partners are back for another round of #Merky FC, and they've been joined by some heavy hitters. Arsenal, ITV, and EA Sports are just a few of the big names that have stepped up to support this incredible initiative.

So, who's eligible to jump on this fantastic opportunity? If you're a young, Black individual between the ages of 18 and 24, you're in luck! You can apply for one of these coveted positions by visiting the 

This program is more than just about football; it's about creating meaningful opportunities and breaking down barriers for talented individuals who want to make their mark in the football industry. It's a testament to the power of collaboration and the commitment of Stormzy, adidas, and their partners to drive change.

Whether you're passionate about content creation, marketing, sales, or any other aspect of the football world, #Merky FC could be your gateway to a dream career. So, don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to be a part of something special. Apply today and let your talent shine on and off the pitch!

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