Real Madrid 2023-24 'Leaked' Lifestyler Third Jersey

Real Madrid 2023-2024 Lifestyler Third Jersey

Real Madrid's upcoming 2023-24 Lifestyler Third Kit is the subject of the latest leak from the soccer-style streets. Yes, you read that correctly! The news comes directly from, and it's got us all buzzing with excitement.

A sleek black jersey with a dash of anthracite and a pop of vibrant yellow. The Real Madrid 2023-24 Lifestyler Jersey is about to make its grand entrance in September 2023 and trust Adidas to drop a bombshell this time. This season, they're taking the game up a notch by releasing a lifestyle version of their Elite team's third football kit. It's a first, and we're totally here for it!

So, what's the deal with this Lifestyler jersey, you ask? Well, it's like the off-pitch twin of the official 23-24 third shirt. You know, the one your favorite players wear during the matches? This time, Adidas is spicing things up with a black base, sprinkled with that eye-catching golden-yellow. It's the same shade that's lighting up the Madrid 2023-2024 home and away kits – a consistent theme if you will.

Real Madrid 2023-24 'Leaked' Lifestyler Third Jersey

But here's the twist: the Adidas Real Madrid CF 2023-24 Lifestyler third shirt isn't your typical replica. Nope, it's got a personality of its own. First up, say goodbye to the usual Adidas logo – they've gone all retro with the "old" Adidas logo, now known as Adidas Sportswear. A nod to the past with a fresh twist, anyone?

This kit has a no-sponsor policy – yep, no brand names crashing the party. But the real star of the show is the fabric. Think debossed, think animals, and you're getting warm. The special fabric takes inspiration from the wild, and it's got a Brazilian touch – similar to the vibes of the 2022 World Cup home kit. A touch of exotic right on your jersey? We're here for it.

Let's not forget the little details that matter. Raglan sleeves? Nah, not this time. The Adidas 2023-2024 Lifestyler Madrid third jersey breaks away from the raglan tradition. It's all about that unique cut and style.

Ready to get your hands on this beauty? The Adidas Real Madrid CF 2023-2024 Lifestyler third football shirt will hit the stores around mid-August 2023, and rumor has it that it'll cost you around 110 Euro. A small price to pay to be part of the Madrid magic, don't you think?

What are your thoughts on Madrid's swanky Lifestyler third kit? Are you loving the bold black and yellow combo, or is the retro logo stealing the show for you? Drop a comment below and let's chat all things football fashion!

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