Footy-Leaks: Chelsea vs Liverpool Predictions and Betting Tips

Chelsea vs Liverpool Predictions and Betting Tips

Today we turn our attention to the EFL Cup Final, which begins at 15:00 at Wembley Stadium and will feature Chelsea who has won 5 trophies in its history, with the most recent being in 2015, and Liverpool holder of 9 trophies in the club's showcase, with the most recent dating back two seasons.

Mauricio Pochettino's side is coming off a three-game winning streak, advancing to the FA Cup round of 16 with a 3-1 win over Aston Villa. Furthermore, in the championship's final stage, the London squad managed to tie 1-1 at the Etihad Stadium with Manchester City.

Jurgen Klopp's team has only lost once in 11 games this season, and that was against the "gunners". Since then, Liverpool has tied three championship victories in a row: 3-1 against Burnley, 4-1 against Brentford, and 4-1 against Luton

Chelsea vs Liverpool Interesting Facts & Head-to-Head History

  • Liverpool defeated Chelsea 4-1 at Anfield at the end of January, with the first leg in London ending in a 1-1 draw.
  • Liverpool and Chelsea competed for the FA Cup in May 2022, with Liverpool winning on penalties.

Chelsea v Liverpool Betting Tips

  1. Liverpool TO lift the trophy - ODDs 1.62 ✔️
  2. Alexis Mac Allister to be booked - ODDs 3.50 ✔️
  3. Cole Palmer 2+ Shots on Target - ODDs 3.25 ✔️

NEWS: Manchester City to Get 2024-25 Fourth Kit

According to Footy Headlines a website specializing in kit and sports equipment leaks and news Manchester City is one of the top Premier League clubs to get a fourth shirt for the 24-25 season and it will be the first time in the club's history to have a fourth shirt.

Manchester City to Get 2024-25 Fourth Kit

Although there are still no details related to the design or color of the kit Footy Headlines estimate that the new Man City 2024-2025 fourth jersey to be released in late 2023 or early 2024. They also predict that the new Manchester City 2024-25 fourth jersey will undoubtedly be worn on the pitch.

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It is not yet known if other top Premier League teams, besides Manchester City, will have a fourth shirt in the new 2024-2025 season.

What are your thoughts on Manchester City getting the fourth kit in the new 2024 - 2025 season? Let us know in the comments below.

Pokou by Puma: The Official AFCON 2023 Ball Unveiled

Kicking Off the AFCON 2023 with Puma's 'Pokou' Ball

Kicking Off the AFCON 2023 with Puma's 'Pokou' Ball

First off, this ball is more than just a ball. It's a tribute to the Ivorian football legend, Laurent Pokou. If you're not familiar with this guy, he's a big deal in the soccer world. Pokou, often referred to as the "man of Asmara," pulled off something incredible back in 1970. He scored not one, not two, but five goals in a single Cup of Nations match! And guess what? That record still stands strong today. So, you can see why it's only fitting that the ball is named after this football legend.

Now, let's talk design. The Puma Pokou 2023 Africa Cup of Nations football has a crisp white color as its base, but what makes it stand out is the awesome pattern. It's inspired by the AFCON 2023 logo, which gives it a unique and stylish look. The Puma logo, in classic black and white, proudly sits over this graphic design, completing the whole package.

But that's not all - there's even more exciting news. This new ball is the result of a brand-new partnership between Puma and the Confederation of African Football (CAF). This means that Puma is taking over as the official ball supplier for AFCON 2023, replacing Umbro. It's a game-changer, quite literally!

Hashtag United 2023-24 Adidas Away Kit

Hashtag United 2023-24 Adidas Away Kit

If you're a die-hard follower of Hashtag United, you're in for a treat. The Essex-based semi-professional football club has just unveiled their brand-new 2023-24 Adidas away shirt, and trust me, it's a stunner!

A clean, crisp white base with an all-over pattern that's the perfect mix of style and uniqueness. This pattern is a combination of light blue zigzags and horizontal stripes, giving the shirt a fresh and dynamic look that's sure to turn heads on and off the pitch.

The devil is in the details, and Hashtag United knows it. The burgundy color takes the stage as it elegantly adorns the Adidas stripes on the shoulders. It doesn't stop there; the Adidas logo on the right breast and the UFL shirt sponsor in the center of the front also get the same burgundy treatment. It's all about cohesion and style, folks!

On the left breast proudly rests the burgundy-colored Hashtag United crest. This badge represents the heart and soul of the club, and the burgundy hue adds a touch of class to the entire design.

In a world filled with football kits that often blend into one another, Hashtag United's 2023-24 away shirt stands out as a true trendsetter. It's all about making a statement and showing your support for your favorite club. Whether you're wearing it to games or just strutting your stuff around town, this jersey is a winner.

Olympique Lyonnais Launch a Retro Adidas Originals Collection

Olympique Lyonnais Launch a Retro Adidas Originals Collection

Get ready for a trip down memory lane with Olympique Lyonnais and adidas as we look back at the 95/96 season. They've just released a fantastic adidas Originals collection and it's all about channeling your inner 90s kid. Believe me when I say this is a must-have for fans of the beautiful game and retro style alike.

You know how the '90s are back in style, right? Well, brands are digging into their archives to bring back iconic jersey designs, and Olympique Lyonnais is no exception. They've teamed up with adidas Originals, Adidas' special department for reviving classic pieces, to create a collection that's full of vintage vibes.

The 1995/96 home shirt is a piece of history and nostalgia wrapped in a shirt. This shirt features the club's double chevron 'OL' crest, used from 1989 to 1996. The logo sits proudly on the left chest, just below that iconic red and blue checkered design that runs across the shoulders. And look at that chunky collar – it's a total tricolor delight!

On the right chest, you'll spot the "adidas" branding, the way it looked back in the day. The whole jersey is set on a clean white base with a subtle sublimated graphic. It's not just any shirt; it's a faithful recreation of the original jersey worn during that memorable season. In fact, it made its first appearance recently when goalkeeper Anthony Lopes wore it on his way to training. 

This collection isn't just about the jersey. You can also score a tracksuit from that same era, complete with the iconic Trefoil logo. That logo is a piece of nostalgia on its own, and it's got a special place in our hearts. In addition to these classics, the collection has two more Originals pieces: a t-shirt and a matching sweater. They've both got that famous Trefoil symbol, tying the whole retro look together.

So, if you're looking to add a touch of '90s football history and style to your wardrobe, head over to — and shop the adidas Originals Olympique Lyonnais collection.

Spezia Calcio Launch 2023-24 Kappa Third Kit

Spezia Calcio Launch 2023-24 Kappa Third Kit

Kappa, the masterminds behind this design, have been on fire lately with their kit creations, and this Spezia Calcio jersey is no exception. The Italian Serie B team is all set to rock the pitch in style, and here's why you should be excited about it.

Let's start with the color – it's a striking red that not only looks great but also has a deep connection to the history of La Spezia. This beautiful shade of red pays homage to the city and the strong bond between the club and its hometown.

But what really makes this shirt stand out is the stylized lighthouse graphic. The La Spezia lighthouse is a symbol of the city, and it's proudly featured on the new Spezia Calcio third shirt. This design isn't your average run-of-the-mill soccer jersey. The tone-on-tone graphic creates a mesmerizing optical effect that you won't find anywhere else.

The shirt also proudly displays the club's new logo in white, along with the branding and sponsor details. But that's not all. A tricolor design, paying tribute to the 1944 Scudetto, adds an extra layer of history to the shirt. It's placed right in the center of the black collar.

Now, let's talk about the inspirational messages hidden in the shirt. On the back of the neck, you'll find the phrase "Non siete soli" which means "You are not alone." It's a powerful message that adds a personal touch to the jersey. But it doesn't stop there. Inside the collar, you'll discover Paolo Ponzo's historic phrase, "Ogni calciatore che veste questa maglia deve sentirsi da una parte onorato, dall’altra fortemente responsabile per ciò che rappresenta," which translates to "Every footballer who wears this shirt must feel on the one hand honored, on the other strongly responsible for what it represents." It's a reminder of the pride and responsibility that comes with wearing this special jersey.

If you're as excited about this third shirt as I am, you'll be happy to know that it's available for purchase on both the Spezia Calcio and Kappa channels. So, whether you're a die-hard Spezia fan or just appreciate a killer soccer jersey, you can get your hands on this one-of-a-kind piece.

Now, it's over to you! What do you think of Spezia Calcio's third shirt for the 2023-24 season? Drop your thoughts in the comments below, and let's chat about this awesome addition to the soccer fashion world.

Givova Launch Club Atlético Talleres 2023-24 Limited Edition 110-years Jersey

Givova Launch Club Atlético Talleres 2023-24 Limited Edition 110-years Jersey

Club Atlético Talleres and their clothing sponsor, Givova, have teamed up to release a special limited edition jersey for the 2023 season. This jersey is a celebration of Club Atlético Talleres' rich history, as they mark an incredible 110 years of existence. So, what makes this jersey so unique? Let's dive in!

The base of this jersey is a clean, crisp white, but it's the navy blue accents that really catch your eye. The combination of white and navy blue gives it a timeless and classic look that's sure to turn heads both on and off the pitch.

Now, here's where the magic happens – the front of the Givova Talleres 2023-24 110-years shirt. It's not just a jersey; it's a visual journey through the club's history. The graphic design on the front showcases some of the most important moments in the club's storied past. Think of it as a collage of the memories and milestones that have shaped the club over the last 110 years.

But that's not all. This jersey is packed with symbolism that's near and dear to Talleres fans' hearts. You'll find various symbols that are synonymous with the team, reminding everyone of the passion and pride that flows through every fan's veins.

And here's a clever touch – the jersey proudly sports the red logo of their main sponsor, ICBC, a prominent bank. It's not just about celebrating the club's history; it's also an ode to the partnerships that have been crucial in making Talleres what it is today.

The Givova Talleres 23-24 110-years shirt is a limited edition release, and it hit the official stores on Thursday, October 12th. But, here's the cool part – club members get priority access to grab this piece of history before anyone else. So, if you're a true Talleres supporter, this is your golden ticket to show your love for the club's 110-year legacy.

So, are you as excited about the Givova Talleres 110-years shirt for the 2023 season as we are? Let us know if you're a Talleres fan or just like a good football jersey in the comments section. 

Patta x Barcelona's 'Culers del Món' Collab: A Tribute to True Football Passion

Patta x Barcelona's 'Culers del Món' Collab

The Amsterdam-based brand, Patta, is all set to pay homage to the incredible passion and love that defines football fans worldwide. They're giving a nod to the 'Barça blood' that flows through the veins of every fan across the globe.

Now, you're probably wondering, "What's in this cool collection?" Well, let me spill the beans. The centerpiece of the collection is the 'Culers de Món' kit. It features a heart motif right next to the iconic club crest, both proudly displayed in the center of the jersey. It's like wearing your heart on your sleeve, or in this case, on your chest!

Mark your calendars for October 13 because that's when this awesome collection is going to drop. And it's not just jerseys, folks. Patta and 'Culers del Món' are giving you a full fashion feast. You can expect to find an anthem jacket, stylish hoodies, casual T-shirts, a cap that screams "I'm a Barça fan," and even a limited-edition Air Max Plus.⁠

There's a cool backstory to this collaboration too. Guillaume Schmidt, one of the co-founders of Patta, points out the deep connection between Amsterdam and Barcelona. Generations of Dutch players have made their way to FC Barcelona in their careers, and this collection pays homage to this historical link.

Now, here's the important part. You can get your hands on this fantastic collection starting from noon on October 13, exclusively on Patta's website. But that's not all – if you happen to be in Amsterdam, London, or Milan, you're in luck. You can also snag these cool pieces in Patta's physical stores in these cities.

Rock 'n' Roll Meets Football: The Rolling Stones x Admiral Limited Edition Shirts

The Rolling Stones x Admiral Limited Edition Shirts

We've got some exciting news fresh off the press: The Rolling Stones have teamed up with Admiral to drop a limited edition football kit! Yeah, you read that right – The Rolling Stones, the legendary rock band, and Admiral, the iconic sportswear brand, have joined forces for a seriously cool collaboration.

So, what's the deal? Well, it's all in celebration of The Rolling Stones' brand-new album, "Hackney Diamonds." This album marks their triumphant return after a whopping two decades – talk about making a comeback in style!

The Rolling Stones x Admiral Home Shirt

Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty of these slick football shirts. First up, we've got the Rolling Stones Admiral home shirt. It's a head-turner with its vibrant red base, and it draws inspiration from the album cover of "Little Red Rooster." The collar and cuffs keep it classy in white with black trim, and you'll spot a sleek black and white Admiral logo on the right breast. But the real showstopper? It's the iconic Rolling Stones tongue and lips logo, proudly taking its place on the left breast. Right in the center, you can't miss the bold 'STONES' text in black with a crisp white outline. And when you spin it around, you'll find 'Stones 62' printed in black on the back – a nod to the band's legendary journey.

The Rolling Stones x Admiral Away Shirt

Now, let's move on to the Rolling Stones x Admiral Away shirt. It follows the same template as the home jersey, but this time, it's all about that bold black primary color. The collar and cuffs keep things consistent in white with a pop of red trim. On the right breast, you'll spot a clean white Admiral logo, and on the left, that unmistakable Stones tongue and lips logo. The front of this shirt keeps it classy with white 'STONES' text boldly running across it.
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