Logan Paul & KSI’s Prime — The New Official Hydration partner of FC Bayern

Logan Paul & KSI’s Prime — The New Official Hydration partner of FC Bayern

Logan Paul and KSI's Prime Hydration just hit another major goal, signing up with Bayern Munich. Yeah, you heard that right – the same Prime Hydration that's been fueling Arsenal and Barcelona!

Now, you might be wondering, "Wait, who are these guys?" Well, Prime Hydration is a drink brand brought to life by none other than the YouTube sensations Logan Paul and KSI. These guys have been taking the online world by storm with their antics and now they're kicking it up a notch by diving into the world of football sponsorship.

Let's rewind a bit. It all started in 2022 when Prime Hydration scored a slam dunk (or should I say a goal?) by becoming the official hydration partner of Arsenal, KSI's childhood club from the Premier League. Then, fast forward to July 2023, and they stepped onto the pitch with Barcelona, adding a little more flavor to the already star-studded team.

And guess what? The hits just keep on coming! Prime Hydration has now joined forces with Bayern Munich, one of the powerhouses of German football. You know, the team that's been dominating the Bundesliga for an incredible ten years in a row. That's like, a whole decade of excellence!

Breaking the news on August 10, the official Prime Hydration account proudly announced their brand-new title as the "official Hydration partner of FC Bayern München." And let's not forget, Bayern isn't just a local champ – they're a global sensation, making waves in the UEFA Champions League, the Super Bowl of European football. They even took home the trophy in 2020. Talk about being at the top of their game!

Prime Hydration isn't just about football. Nope, they're diversifying their sports portfolio like pros. They've been in the corner of major events like the UFC, where they're the official drink of the octagon. Plus, they've got some hard-hitting athletes under their wing, including MMA stars Israel Adesanya and Alex Volkanovski. These guys know a thing or two about staying hydrated in the heat of the action.

So there you have it, folks. Logan Paul and KSI's Prime Hydration are taking the sports sponsorship world by storm. From Arsenal to Barcelona, and now Bayern Munich, they're proving that they're more than just YouTube personalities – they're a force to be reckoned with in the world of sports partnerships. Keep an eye out for that iconic Prime logo on the sidelines, because they're just getting started. Stay hydrated and keep cheering for your favorite teams! 


Q: Which football team is sponsored by Prime?
A: As of now, Prime Hydration sponsors three major football teams: Arsenal, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich. They're spreading their love for hydration and sports across different leagues, from the Premier League to La Liga and the Bundesliga.

Q: Is Prime the official hydration for Arsenal?
A: Absolutely! Prime Hydration is indeed the official hydration partner for Arsenal, the iconic football club from the Premier League.

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