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RC Lens Unveils Flashback-Inspired European Kit for 2023-24 Season

RC Lens 2023-24 European Shirt

We've got some exciting news fresh off the press from France. The RC Lens has just dropped their new European kit for the 2023-24 season, and it's a real stunner! Made by Puma, this kit is going to have fans reminiscing about the glory days.

A jersey that takes you on a trip down memory lane to the 2002-03 season, the last time RC Lens graced the UEFA Champions League. The new 2023-24 kit draws inspiration from that unforgettable era, and boy, does it deliver!

RC Lens 2023-24 European Shirt 

Gold Galore: The shirt's main color is a dazzling shade of gold. It's like wearing a slice of footballing history right on your chest. Feel the nostalgia wash over you as you slip into this beauty.

A Pop of Red: The bottom half of the collar spices things up with a bold red accent. It's a little nod to the fiery spirit of RC Lens fans and the passion they bring to the game.

Red Hot Logos: Puma's iconic logo, perched proudly on the right breast, gets a fiery makeover with a touch of red. And guess what? The shirt sponsor, right in the center of the front, joins the party in red too. It's all about making a statement.

RC Lens Badge: On the left breast, you'll find the cherished RC Lens badge. It's like a badge of honor for fans, a symbol of their unwavering support for the club.
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